Do you have an idea for a case study like this one that would help people better understand issues around poverty? Poverty is complicated and this dynamic case study on homelessness is one way to help people better understand the barriers to stability. We welcome proposals for case studies to complement and extend this exploration.

Consider these questions as you develop a case study:

  • What’s the story that helps illuminate an issue related to poverty? Does that story have a turning point? Does it have a resolution?
  • Can you access the stakeholders and relevant documents in that story to help tell it fully and accurately?
  • How will sharing this story benefit people who want to learn more about poverty?
  • How will sharing this story benefit the people directly involved in it?
  • Do you have the resources to create a similar web experience for visitors?

We are looking for projects that can be attached to this one to create a learning bundle around poverty studies. Contact Dr. Connie Snyder Mick with your ideas and questions at